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“I thank my lucky stars for enrolling in her program at this time!”

This program is a godsend for me! Carol is a fantastic teacher of energy healing! I thank my lucky stars for enrolling in her program at this time! On May 7, 2015 my beloved Mum passed away, not before I finished Carol ‘s class regarding letting go of family patterns of struggle and pain. To cut a long story short, three hours after finishing the lesson including the exercise I had to do of letting go (which I was not able to do for months!), my Mum passed in peace… I have nothing but praise and thanks for Carol, it may seem unbelievable to those who do not know energy as a Healing Power…. I am a student of energy healing for the past 15 years. I was blessed to listen to my intuition and choose Carol as my teacher at this course, and forever. I hope you people at Mindvalley are aware of the treasure you have in her!!!

As I was following the Facebook group closely, I can tell you there are people who took this gem of a course, without the commitment to prepare for the weekly lessons and do the homework! These are the people who complained that they are “lost.” Well, how does anyone expect to thrive when they are not present at class nor the replays? This course is a very high grade course, maybe you could arrange with Carol to establish a Masterclass for beginners in Soulprint Healing to learn the chakra system, and then this wonderful program of Soulprint Healing. Please do not give up on this course! This is one of the best you have!!!

I personally am blessed to have the initial studying with Carol, via Mindvalley Academy. Thank you and keep doing the fantastic work you are doing, and I have nothing but praise for the professional work of Alexandru Surdu in ensuring the smooth and easy run of this course. I was in a very painful situation at the time so much so I could not reach out to the Facebook group (and I did need help), and I know it’s not shameful to ask for help, only I could not even articulate a request. This period was the culmination of saying a final goodbye to my beloved mum, who was a very special pillar in my life. How do you let go?! I could not!

In spite of the dementia, she was conscious of her situation, even though she could not speak whole sentences, but she did listen to me… What made me sit down that night of 7 May and do the lesson of letting go, was the great call of my intuition, and now I know this was the reason for signing up for Carol’s Soulprint Healing. So, if my feedback is of any help to people who doubt the power of energy healing — let them have … very recent proof.

Best Regards.

  • Miri Roth

“Really what changed is my focus. I am beginning to ask what is the best action I can take to support my highest good.”

I wanted to post and share my gratitude for all that has happened since I began this journey to a new life filled with affluence, ease and joy. The only way I can describe my life before this class is like an engine that seized up because I didn’t put in the oil. I was STUCK!

I thought my problems were all about money. I was weeks away from losing all my stuff, house, car, etc. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Money and luck were not a problem. I needed a shift.

Really what changed is my focus. I am beginning to ask what is the best action I can take to support my highest good. What supports my life flow. Lol, what is the oil in my life that makes everything else work and run smoothly? I was making every decision around money and my soul seized. So with the shift of focus my life is moving again. Maybe some of you will relate to how the soul manifests in the physical.

The following has changed: I realised that my greatest asset is my health and I started exercising. I realised I needed a new job and I made a strong intention for what I wanted. Each day exercising on my bicycle, I rode by the office I wanted to work in and said: ‘’Thank you for my new job! That is where I work!” When the fear and doubt tried to take over, I reaffirmed that my soul has a better plan for me. It was like I stomped my feet, refused to accept the fear and it went away like a bully I stood up to.

Well.. I got that job and start working at the office on Friday this week, When we did the exercise about manifesting more money, I believed I could bring in 5,000 more dollars a month. I am at 4,000 so far. My relationships need a lot of changes and there is all kinds of energy flying in this area of my life. The 4th of July brought emotional fireworks at my house! Where there is conflict, and there is right now, I look for the lesson. My soul is doing the heavy lifting. I am along for the ride. I feel like I should pop some popcorn so I can sit back and enjoy the show. I love the light energy. Believe me, it’s not perfect, oh but maybe it is :) Namaste.

  • Cynthia Compton

“It has made me laugh and smile whenever I do it. And that feels right.”

I love Carol’s visualization of sending people back with their own “baggage.” The thought of creating a bubble of light to protect my energy never really sat well with me. I understand that for some people, the bubble is a wonderful technique. But I personally always felt like I was cutting myself off, building barriers, which I don’t want to do. I want to remain open and affluent.

(I also felt as though at the point I had decided to build my bubble, I already had taken on their energy. And I couldn’t help it feel it was trapped with me.)

But Carol’s visualization is easy, light and actually funny. It has made me laugh and smile whenever I do it. And that feels right.

Joy. This is my vibration.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Ashleigh Rose Lambert

“I am more than enough, I am affluence, ease and joy!”

Wanted to share a significant shift in me… For my (training and coaching) business I have a mail out list that I send a fortnightly inspiration piece and monthly newsletter to. Every time someone unsubscribed I used to feel… rejected. “I’m not good enough,” etc.

Well, in the last week, I noticed when someone unsubscribes, I don’t feel that rejection in my body or mind… I don’t take it personally and it is OK… I guess the inner child work of being accepted and nurtured by the light of my Soul is working on deep levels… feeling lighter in my beginning, I am more than enough, I am affluence ease and joy!

  • Helen Alm

“We are learning to be mindful of our self-talk.”

What I love about Soul Print group work is that we are learning to be mindful of our self-talk. As such, we continually give instructions to the universal creative force on what to create through us!

  • Jeanie Brosius King

“I am certainly experiencing shifts, mentally, emotionally and physically!”

Thank you and Stella, for all your good work administering the course, and please pass on my great appreciation to Carol. I was a little sceptical that shifts that could occur in mass group healings, and I have always had resistance to “inner child work,” but I am certainly experiencing shifts, mentally, emotionally and physically!


  • Helen Elizabeth Seminars

“I loved learning how to get in touch with my inner soul!”

I really loved this! I noticed something I did, however — I had to imagine differently from how you described. I had an amazing wonderful childhood, and AWESOME parents… so finding my inner child in me, was wonderful but in a different sort of way… I have [dealt] later in life with abuse and control and mentally hard things, so it was an awesome thing for me to think about my inner child because that is what I need to get back to… to heal my wounded soul of my later-in-life troubles.

In your training, you had us get our inner child away from childhood troubles, but for me… it was wonderful to imagine going back to my childhood self — free and happy. Is this okay that I changed it to what I needed? It sure did help! I loved learning how to get in touch with my inner soul! You’re AWESOME!!!

  • Jaylene Cluff Wegener

“I am happy I moved mountains with you — I feel very blessed and even more connected to my beautiful soul [and] inner child.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carol and Mindvalley for allowing me the privilege of being in a massive workshop, I AM SO GRATEFUL to be part of this this amazing world-class teacher/trainer all for FREE. I am so happy and grateful for all you’re doing. I’m very grateful and happy to have had the honour of being able to be part of.

I loved Carol’s story about her private life, it was almost the same as my own life. Carol, thank you with all my heart. I am happy I moved mountains with you — I feel very blessed and even more connected to my beautiful soul and inner child.

I’d like to say I’ve had a stroke also and a memory loss, and was in a very bad way. However, I could follow everything and, to tell you the truth, I wrote it all down. I’m so happy and grateful to yourself Carol, bless you and Mindvalley, I love you all so much. Thank you all and your WORLD-CLASS SPEAKERS have been apart of my own recovery, that I would not have had the privilege to be able to receive what I have received. So I love you all, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Cheryl Eft

“Amazingly effective.”

Carol Tuttle’s approach to helping people overcome emotional barriers is amazingly effective.

I highly recommend her self healing techniques to anyone seeking the next level of health and healing.

  • Dr. Joseph Mecola

“Changed the whole outlook.”

Very enlightening! Changed the whole outlook of how to handle current situations I hadn’t realized that at once released!!! Very effective for ME!

  • Yolanda Jenkins

“This experience was like no other.”

This experience was like no other… I have three sons and two of them are married and between the two, I have six grandchildren. Both families have said they are finished with having children. I have accepted that. My third son is not married and there is no one in the immediate future, but as you took us into the future I saw more grandchildren… boys and girls!!! I was thrilled. I didn’t expect that. Thank you.

  • Tammie

“Powerful stuff.”

So amazing for me. Watched one hour live last night and then was just exhausted. So, I listened to the whole broadcast this afternoon. Within five minutes of finishing, I got an offer on my home that has been on the market for over a year. :) Also, shortly after that, I’ve gotten very ill — everything is leaving my body. Crazy, I feel so tired. I guess I must be releasing? I think I saw someone else talking about this too. Powerful stuff. Grateful.

  • Debi Jackson

“It is almost silly how simple the shift is; but it is a game changer for me.”

A profound experience for me last night. For all of my life up until this point, it has been my belief that money was in fact something you had to very, very hard for. My dear mother ingrained in me. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Well, last night I let that go; money does grow on trees, and it is as free as the air that I breathe. Thank you, Carol, for bringing this thought into my reality. It is almost silly how simple the shift is; but it is a game changer for me.

So much releasing last night with my inner child, it surprised me just how much crying I got to do. I am celebrating today for the healing that is happening now….

Money does grow on trees, and it is as free as the air that I breathe.

  • Michelle Coleman

“Shifting and making room for new beginnings… very excited!”

Lots of letting go — for today it was cutting off about eight inches of my hair, I decided to go short and let go of all of that stored up emotion that my hair was holding on to. I feel great, playful, free and lighter! Shifting and making room for new beginnings… very excited!

  • Joyce K Willson

“The experience has been illuminating, fun and transformative.”

Thanks Carol for this course. The experience has been illuminating, fun and transformative. It’s helped me in my work and relationships and has given me much to play with and think about. Much love and appreciation.

  • Shan

“What a wonderful place of affluence ease and joy!”

Over the last 12 weeks I have had a major shift and didn’t realize it until the last four weeks. I made a life-changing decision the middle of June to move myself and two children to CA from CO, in order to go to school and find a better job. I was blessed with my brother offering to help me with this move, by letting me live with him and his family.

This has been a huge step for me, and taking a stand and taking control of my life! All aspects of this move have been falling into place. what a wonderful place of affluence ease and joy! I am truly blessed and full of gratitude.

  • Jennifer

“The color of life for me now… rich, deep, and unique to what serves us beautifully.”

My relationship experience With Vince, my partner and love, has gifted me with the nitty gritty of what Affluence, Ease and Joy can express as… and this nitty gritty feels like rich soil :). We had been playing off each [other’s] energy in a way, recently, that was creating distance.

While we have an underlying appreciation of each other as humans and friends (that, in the face of some polar opposite ideas at times, remains in tact because I now believe we connected to support each other in this life) yet our relationship was desiring of a healthy glow :) My soul was directing me not to use words for about a week on it — seems counterproductive for a healthy relationship, like when the elephant in a room is not addressed. I was told to meditate and increase. I felt like a rubber band being stretched.

What I now see my soul was doing was creating the vacuum where Vince had space to step forward and create for himself freely. Yesterday, when we laid everything out, he expressed that while he is happy for my growth, where does that leave him? I saw his real concern and my heart filled with compassion. I didn’t say, “That’s silly,” OR dismiss it… I honored it.

We then were able to say, this is beautiful new territory that we can create uniquely within, and what can this look like now as we use patterns of A, E & J. I share this because it is the color of life for me now… rich, deep, and unique to what serves us beautifully:)

  • Carrah Chapman

“I honestly have everything I need every minute of every day…”

I got a wonderful surprise tonight when my lovely driver and awesome group of travellers presented me with a yummy strawberry and chocolate layer cake. They said, “make a wish and cut the cake.” You know, I didn’t know what to wish for, because I honestly have everything I need every minute of every day, and I thank Carol Tuttle’s course and my awesome Facebook friends for that — so thank you everyone — have a piece of cake and a glass of wine on me.

  • Sue Towler

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